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In the early 20th century, Sherman LaMont Sudbury adopted the mononym “Montyne”, for both professional and personal use; in 1934 he used the polynym “Monty” to sign his work Starlite, which later that year he added the letters ‘NE’, to create a distinctive name that would one day become a trademark. Montyne was a creative genius, a master sculptor/painter and performer. From the beginning he was devoted to the companion arts of painting and sculpture, ultimately fusing the two into an art form he called “dimensional painting.” His contributions to the art world are revolutionary. During his prodigious career, Montyne produced thousands of works of art. Some of his more well known endeavors include Rodney the Frog, Tarzan of the Apes (for View-Master), “The Roman Fiesta” float [winner of the 1963 Portland and Pasadena Rose Parades], a series of gigantic statues outside the Circus Circus hotel in Las Vegas, and a life-sized statue of Elvis. Montyne flashed across the world of art like a brilliant comet, and his powerful work secretly continues to blaze a spectacular trail of accomplishments that are truly all his own. Welcome to “The Montyne Experience.”

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