Old Sea Captain (1)


Original oil painting. Painted in Portland, Oregon – 1962. This work demonstrates the artist’s ability to master many disciplines. The style and technique is wonderful, you can see the attention placed on detail. This work is also one of the few pieces that the artist signed with his birth name. There are only two paintings created in this unique style. The other is titled Morning Breakfast(2).


Horn Blower (31)


Original oil painting. Painted in Portland, Oregon – 1962. This work was inspired by the native Hawaiian culture when Montyne was touring the Islands while performing his dangerous hand-balancing act. This painting symbolized the power of man to age with wisdom. Man will dominate his environment, but it is the environment that he will always depend on. The seashell depicts the simplistic bond that we all share with nature… Only a few ever retain this truth. This work is signed, Montyne Sudbury.


Black Moonlite (61)


Original oil painting. Painted on pressed board. A one of a kind work for Montyne. Created in Portland, Oregon – 1966 for his mother. This work is done in airbrush and paintbrush. Although the artist stays simple in a naturalistic style, the colour still reaches out to the ‘innocent-eye’ and plays with our imagination.


Bound for Glory (124)


Original oil painting. Painted in Sparks, Nevada – 1986. The focus on this subject was the water. This would unknowingly be one of Montyne’s last commissions. The artists’ stepson Tony Evans asked Montyne to create this work in his home. This is one of Montyne’s themes, if not his passion, belief, and artistic principals. The Spanish Galleon, a former large 3 or 4 masted ship, developed during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, as a merchant vessel for commer