Las Vegas architect Taylor Blackmore is forced to pursue justice against Jack Jackson, the man who caused the death of his father, the world-renowned artist Montyne, and the destruction of Taylor’s architectural business. Jackson’s ruthless goal is to unlock the secret of the lost gold in the fabled Black Limousine, while orchestrating the downfall of the famous Washington Five family by playing on the ambitions of the youngest, undiscovered Washington daughter, LaTina.

As Taylor navigates the treacherous shoals of a love affair that began innocently, on his part, with the wife of Nick “The Fixer” Waters, he must use all his ingenuity—and a great deal of money—to bring down the wicked Jackson.

In a quid pro quo with The Las Vegas Real-Journal newspaper, Taylor furnishes a photograph of “The Fixer” that sets off fireworks in the University of Las Vegas basketball department, the shock waves of which are still being felt.

Now Taylor must lure another vicious player obsessed with the desire to possess the gold—the devious Hunter—out of hiding. To do this, Taylor relies on the skills of his lifelong friends, eccentric antiquarian Adam Zurich and former investigator and bodyguard Lou Kane. Taylor’s newfound love for Tremeel Jones, the reporter/ anchorwoman who plays a central part in the destruction of Taylor’s enemies, gives him hope for the future.
Inspired by true events, Montyne’s Inferno soars to dizzying heights and unimaginable depths in its path to true justice. You won’t believe what you are about to read.

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About the Author

author_picPassion runs deep in the veins of L. Sudbury, the son of The Great Montyne. Driven by an internal desire to create, and inspired by a master, he uses real life events with a gift of storytelling to bring his words to life.

From the moment of his birth, Sudbury became another addition to an already gifted family. His father, a creative genius who spoke three languages, was a master sculptor/painter and performer. Sudbury’s father is one of the world’s secrets. His mother is a renowned natural beauty and health teacher. The home Sudbury knew in his youth was filled with art, inspiring conversation, and talent in almost every form. Literally hundreds of people, including famous artists and entertainers, migrated to that special place to hear the passion and philosophies of his irreplaceable father and mother.

Montyne’s art has been a wonderful source of inspiration for L. Sudbury. It is magic for the reader to experience this art, which now lives in the words this new author writes. As Sudbury says, “Sharing dreams of life is my passion.”

In every story there is a tiny truth…